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IQVIA Healthcare Solutions empowers better business decisions and transformative health outcomes by leveraging unrivaled data, advanced analytics, and innovative technology. From data-driven decision-making to predictive analytics, our solutions can help you improve patient care while maximizing your healthcare investment. Continue reading to find out more. This article discusses four of the most important types of healthcare solutions. Continue reading to find out which ones are best for you. IQVIA Healthcare Solutions employs advanced analytics to assist you in making better decisions and achieving better business outcomes.

IQVIA Healthcare Solutions is a company that provides health information analytics. Their vast data repository contains over 1.2 billion longitudinal patient records, which can be fed into algorithms and analyzed to uncover insights. They also have access to over a million data feeds from over 150,000 sources worldwide. IQVIA has a track record of revenue growth ranging from 4% to 7% per year. Their products and services help healthcare organizations make better decisions, grow faster, and achieve transformative results.

IQVIA is a global leader in advanced analytics, technology solutions, and contract research. Its solutions aid in the acceleration of clinical development and the enhancement of commercial effectiveness. IQVIA, which has over 74,000 experts serving healthcare customers in over 100 countries, uses data to improve health outcomes. This information enables healthcare providers and payers to optimize clinical trials and accelerate the delivery of new treatments to patients. To learn more about IQVIA's capabilities, stop by booth #6343 at HIMSS20 in Orlando.

The advantages of a connected healthcare organization can be seen across departments and clinical settings, as increased access to valuable information accelerates workflows and processes. Hyland Healthcare solutions assist organizations in meeting this goal by integrating enterprise imaging with content services and providing a comprehensive view of a patient's medical record. This comprehensive view of patient data aids clinical decision-making, streamlines workflows, and frees up clinicians to focus on patient care. Health organizations can use Hyland's solutions to connect content and improve clinical workflows while saving money and time.

Hyland Software's OnBase revenue cycle management solution, for example, works with a hospital's existing technology infrastructure. This integrated system improves patient satisfaction while increasing profitability. To maximize reimbursements, Hyland's OnBase revenue cycle management solution unifies patient data and automates processes. The revenue cycle management solution OnBase from Hyland reduces the number of days a patient's account is receivable, allowing hospitals to process more claims. Hyland's solution is adaptable and adaptable to the needs of each hospital.

Onyx Healthcare Solutions assists healthcare payers, providers, specialty programs, and medical devices with strategic planning. Their solutions assist healthcare organizations in improving efficiencies and providing higher-quality care. Onyx is based in Brooklyn, New York. The company has been in operation for 11 years and 11 months, having been founded in 2010. Continue reading to find out more about their products and services. Continue reading to learn more about Onyx Healthcare Solutions' services.

ONYX provides pre-certified platforms to help new devices reach the market faster. Onyx products are UL60601 compliant, which means they require less development time. This lowers development costs and frees up resources to focus on treatment innovations. ONYX's portable anesthesia solution, for example, reduced time-to-market from 29 months to 18 months, providing its client with a significant market advantage.

Cisco simplifies healthcare communications by connecting people, information, and knowledge through a network of interoperable technologies. Its Cisco Medical-Grade Network enables consistent, secure, and integrated health data communications across the healthcare environment. Healthcare networks built with Cisco technology improve interaction among healthcare participants while also assisting healthcare organizations in lowering costs and increasing productivity. Cisco Healthcare solutions also include business collaboration tools, allowing for collaboration in order to innovate and improve the patient experience. Cisco solutions also improve patient and healthcare data security and privacy.

Telehealth collaboration software, such as Cisco HealthPresence, enables healthcare providers and patients from all over the world to share video, audio, and third-party medical devices. Cisco HealthPresence 2.5 has a modular architecture that allows for the integration of various healthcare technology components and user interfaces. Cisco HealthPresence is an excellent choice for healthcare organizations looking to improve efficiency and patient care. Cisco's HealthPresence connects to a variety of third-party devices and provides a secure, scalable videoconferencing solution.

The Xerox healthcare multifunction printer solution is built to meet the needs of healthcare facilities, with features that set it apart from the competition. The solution adheres to HIPAA compliance requirements, ensuring patient data security. Furthermore, it assists healthcare providers in increasing patient safety and coordination of care, thereby improving patient experience. Furthermore, the solution is tightly integrated with Kno2, the nation's largest secure health information exchange, allowing healthcare providers to securely share patient data. It also assists Xerox healthcare users in growing their network by inviting new providers.

Xerox has a track record of working with government health agencies to improve the efficiency of their systems. For example, its Xerox Health Enterprise solution processes billions of dollars in payments to hospitals and doctors, as well as millions of Medicaid beneficiaries. As a result, the solution assists states in saving money while also maximizing federal financial participation. Furthermore, the solution is adaptable, customizable, and analytical, ensuring better healthcare information management.

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